Be yourself and shine at it, don't live your life inside a cage to waste. You've got a life to life and a story to tell.
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Days Without Words : 12

Muggles are not able to REBLOG this.


all the notes. holy crap.

at first the reblog button didn’t work for me, i was like FUCK FUCK FUCK but then it worked.lol.

It worked immediately. I’M HARRY FREAKIN POTTER!


…looks like i got the magic in me. >:)

HA! FINALLY! after the 73902356504600th try! ;)

look @ me now.

fuck yeaahhhhh first time


I’m the boss.


2 years ago


Stay True To Your Persona . It’s Your Personality That Defines Who You Are . Just Don’t Switch It Up Around Different People . Be Yourself Wherever You Go . Let Your Personality Shine . Be Unique But Over All Be Yourself . #personality #quites #photography #books #awesome #advice (Taken with Instagram at Below The Heavens ☁☁)

471,178 notes - 20 August, 2012

  • putting glitter nail polish on: omfg this is so pretty look at the sparkles and the texture and sparkles and glitter omg i cant even this is amazing it is gold sparkles sparkles sparkles
  • taking glitter nail polish off: you son of a bitch suck my dick. hand me that knife to get this shit off. who has a sander? the fuck is this shit like gorilla glue? fucking fuck fuck fucking hate this fucking shit. fuck sparkles.

2 years ago